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When not out in the wild, following in the Unknown Adventurer's footsteps, Teddy gives talks at festivals and schools. His 'young adventurer' workshops aim to inspire and equip a new generation of young explorers, and introduce them to the wonders of the great outdoors. 
Teddy regularly gives talks at festivals and schools aimed at inspiring young audiences to step into the wild themselves. Part talk, part interactive adventure show, part exhibition, Teddy brings the incredible world of the Unknown Adventurer to life and shows children how they can become adventurer's, too. Teddy also shares videos, photography and fascinating specimens from his own expeditions into the Amazon.
Expect laughter, excitement, and a few terrified people, mostly adults.

For class talks, Teddy often incorporates exciting practical activities, such as shelter design workshops.

Talks normally last between 45 - 60 minutes.
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The adventurer workshops often follow the talks given at schools and events. These include a range of exciting lessons and practical how-to experiments that the children get involved in.

The Adventure workshop pack includes:
*Extreme knot tying
*Designing the ultimate shelter
*100 things to do with a stick
*Fire making around the world 
*Animal tracking and identification
*How to rescue your parents/teacher from dangerous animals

Workshops can last between 30mins - 1 hour
Format designed to suit different age groups and locations.
Upcoming Festival dates
Bath Children's Literary Festival 
Saturday 24th September 2022
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